Automatically redact income documents

Redact sensitive information in financial documents at scale without any human input


Improve compliance

Improve compliance

Better meet data privacy and compliance requirements


  • Automatically detect & redact sensitive customer information, such as Tax File Numbers (TFN)
  • Reliable redaction to remove all traces of the information, impossible to reverse
  • Bulk-process old documents to redact sensitive information at scale without manual reviews
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Safeguard sensitive customer data

Safeguard sensitive customer data

Apply completely irreversible redaction to each sensitive data point on each document to keep it safe.


  • API to include auto-redaction in your workflow for consistent redaction, every time
  • Returns redacted PDF via API to replace your original document
  • Irreversible redaction to protect from data breaches in case documents are stolen
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Reduce time & cost

Reduce time & cost

Reduce the time and costs associated with manual document redaction of PDFs, scans and photographs


  • Bulk upload and API-enabled to allow thousands of documents to be processed rapidly
  • Auto-redaction of sensitive information without the need for human input or review
  • Supports bundled files containing multiple documents and images such as photos and scans
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How it works

Upload documents at scale using API

Connect your systems to Fortiro via API to send documents - or process a large batch of documents.


Automatically identify sensitive information

Automatically identify sensitive information such as TFN numbers on ATO Tax Assessments or card numbers on statements without any user involvement.

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Securely redact information

Fortiro automatically applies a completely irreversible redaction to each sensitive data point on each document to keep it safe.


Automatically export documents

Use Fortiro’s API to automatically receive redacted documents to your chosen destination system. No need for manual downloading and uploading.


Serious about security


ISO27001 certified

Fortiro and its solutions are ISO 27001 certified by an independent auditor.


Data Security & Privacy

Fortiro does not store or retain customer documents beyond the initial processing period.


Information Security

We build products for Enterprise customers and will confidently meet your security requirements beyond MFA and SSO.

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