Instantly extract & verify income and expenses

Eliminate manual document reviews by using Fortiro Accelerate to extract, aggregate and analyse income and expense details from payslips, bank statements and tax assessments for rapid financial verification.


Fast income & expense verification

Fast income & expense verification

Reduce the time it takes to verify income & expense documents down to 30 seconds.


  • Extract key information from financial documents such as payslips and bank statements
  • Match applicant name, income type and employment type to the supporting document
  • High risk spending patterns and expenses by category, location and type
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Eliminate manual document reviews

Eliminate manual document reviews

Automate document related tasks, such as manually labelling, re-keying or extracting data from documents.


  • Over 95% coverage of income & expense documents out-of-the-box, such as payslips or paystubs
  • Works with PDF documents, photographs and scans without upfront training, including bundled files that contain multiple documents
  • Ready-to-use API to enable automatic straight-through-processing of documents
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Reduce time & cost

Reduce time & cost

Do away with backlogs and the costs associated with manual document reviews, including re-keying data and manual matching.


  • 30-second average processing time per document to accelerate growth
  • Use out-of-the-box APIs to automatically identify high risk transactions and income sources
  • Auto-accept or auto-reject applications that do not meet your policy requirements
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How it works

Upload documents in any format

Upload financial documents via API or drag and drop them into the web interface. Fortiro accepts scans, photos and PDFs, including multiple documents bundled in the same file.


Instantly extract key information

Instantly extract key information from financial documents such as payslips and bank statements, which can be original documents, photographs or scans.

Extract — Document Option

Name Matching

Automatically verify that the income documents provided by the applicant are actually their documents by matching their name to the document


Employment Type Check

Automatically verify the applicant’s stated employment type (full-time, part-time, etc) against the payslip to understand the permanence of their income


Income Verification

Automatically verify the applicant’s stated income against their payslip and see a breakdown of income types (salary, bonuses, commissions)


Verify income

Receive a profile including employment type (full-time, part-time) and uncertain income (such as bonus, commission) which can be easily matched back to your systems - via API or UI.


Verify expenses

Generate an instant picture of your applicant’s spending patterns and important risk indicators, so you can quickly understand whether they meet your lending criteria.

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Sync data to your systems

Reduce manual data entry by automatically sending income and expense data back to your internal systems, such as a loan origination system or application management system


Serious about security


ISO27001 certified

Fortiro and its solutions are ISO 27001 certified by an independent auditor.


Data Security & Privacy

Fortiro does not store or retain customer documents beyond the initial processing period.


Information Security

We build products for Enterprise customers and will confidently meet your security requirements beyond MFA and SSO.

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