Fraud check documents in under 30 seconds

Prevent fraud and eliminate manual reviews by using Fortiro to verify application documents


Increase Fraud Detection

Increase fraud detection

Check every document for fraud, automatically, and in real time. Uplift your detection capability by using advanced technology.


  • Analyse the layout, text and digital properties of every document
  • Actionable fraud indicators and risk score
  • Continuously evolving AI and rule engine

50,000+ fraudulent documents detected to date

Verify — Document

Automate Document Checks

Automate document fraud checks

Reduce the time it takes to verify income documents down to 30 seconds to speed up applications


  • 70+ out-of-the-box verification checks, including 3rd party lookups to Government data sources
  • Configurable risk thresholds to workflow suspicious documents for additional checks
  • Detailed results with all fraud indicators accessible in real-time via API, User Interface or PDF report
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Reduce Time & Cost

Reduce time and cost

Reduce the time spent on manual document reviews and prevent fraud losses by better detecting fraudulent applications.


  • Integrate with your existing systems using Fortiro’s simple API to enable auto-decisioning
  • Auto-recognition and handling of different documents contained within PDF, photographs and scans
  • Identify fraud that the human eye cannot detect by leveraging Fortiro’s evolving AI and rule engine
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Upload income documents in any format

Upload financial documents via API or drag and drop them into the web interface. Fortiro accepts PDF’s, scans, photos and more.



Fraud check documents in 30 seconds

Run 70+ fraud checks on financial documents to ensure they are a true representation of the applicant’s finances.

Verify — Document

Visual check

Fortiro checks for subtle differences in the layout or ‘look and feel’ of a document to detect whether changes have been made.


Content check

Fortiro checks the content of the document for discrepancies and against other data sources to verify that information is correct.


Metadata check

Fortiro checks the document metadata (eg. last edited date) and digital footprint to identify if it may have been tampered with

fraud intelligence network

Fortiro fraud checks thousands of documents per month and is constantly learning.


Get a configurable fraud score

Get a configurable fraud score which quantifies the risk of the document. Use this score to trigger auto-decisioning, internal workflows and reviews.

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Visually inspect documents to pinpoint risks

View potential issues directly on the document so you can uncover hidden risks

Fraud — Document
Fraud — Content (1)

Highlight fraud indicators on page

View the document on screen with an overlay of all fraud indicators that Protect has automatically identified, such as inconsistent information.

Fraud — Visual B

Uncover hidden text on pages

Easily see where text or other content has been replaced with fake information, such as name and address being replaced on a bank statement.

Fraud — Metadata

Deconstruct PDF documents

View different components such as images or text to understand the make-up of a document and detect content that has been altered.

Make faster approval decisions

Use the fraud score and risk indicators to make fast decisions and instantly approve applicants or send others for further review.

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Serious about security


ISO27001 certified

Fortiro and its solutions are ISO 27001 certified by an independent auditor.


Data Security & Privacy

Fortiro does not store or retain customer documents beyond the initial processing period.


Information Security

We build products for Enterprise customers and will confidently meet your security requirements beyond MFA and SSO.

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