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The Fortiro Story

The Protect platform was originally created in 2019 within PwC Australia, and was known as “PwC Protect”. Protect was inspired by experience solving client problems around document fraud and automation. A combination of passionate individuals in technology, fraud, forensics and artificial intelligence created Protect within PwC.

Over time the platform evolved and grew into the Enterprise-ready solution that it is today, acquiring clients of all sizes across Financial Services and Government. In late 2021, it was recognised that for Protect to continue to scale, it needed to be outside of PwC, and Protect was spun-out from PwC into its own separate entity, Fortiro.

Fortiro is a FinTech business backed by OIF Ventures, a leading Australian venture capital firm investing in innovative high-growth technology companies. The PwC team who worked on Protect moved to Fortiro to keep looking after the platform and continue to help it grow as did all Protect customers at the time.

Armed with new capital and our experienced team, we aim to become the world’s industry utility for document authentication and automation.

Our Mission

Document Authentication & Automation

Fortiro combines document automation with industry leading authentication techniques to ensure you are protected. Automating document reviews can invite criminals, liars and scammers that use seemingly authentic looking documents to try to slip through the process. Our mission is to stop these fraudsters in their tracks, and save your business time & money in the process.


We're proud to have been awarded the following certifications & awards:


Fortiro’s SaaS product built to detect fraud and automate applications

Our Protect solution has been helping customers since 2019 and currently processes thousands of documents every single day. Our customers are using Protect to catch fraud and save millions of dollars in fraud losses, and also to automate manual bottlenecks in the application process to deliver a better customer experience.

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