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Our mission is simple: create great software that inspires event planners to create amazing attendee experiences.

We do this by working with an amazing team that pushes the limits of what is possible, every day. Our story started in 1990, when a group of event organizers and software developers set out to challenge the status quo and create innovative event technology solutions that made the impossible possible.

Since then, we have developed some of the biggest innovations in event management history.

Some of our proudest moments have been supplying our technology to some of the largest events in the world.


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"We have nothing but praise for the Foritro team. We've been able to reduce the time it takes to process applications by 4x"

Andy Rice

Chief Operating Officer at WB


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A New Era In Event Technology

The challenges that event planners have faced over the years has push us to innovate and drive change in the event industry. None more so than the recent challenge to keep events going when In-Person events were no longer possible. EventsAir rose to the challenge, developing OnAIR as part of its platform in May 2020. This allowed event planners to once again create great event experiences, albeit online.

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